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Tanmayo's Lastest Teleclass - with Martha Cuffy

Living the Heart of your Design

My dear friend and Gene Keys colleague Martha and I have been cooking (literally) and creating a variety of offerings over the past months.

Whilst in the UK together in September of this year, we took the opportunity to contemplate more deeply, aspects of our life through both the Gene Keys and Human Design System.
This first teleclass we are offering has evolved out of long night conversations of how to deepen, (After an Activation Sequence) truly accept and embrace who you are, and the challenge of actually living it.

To find out more please read on, or you can click on the play button below to listen to a copy of an information  call that was recorded on Tuesday 9 November.


Tanmayo Lawson

For those of you familiar with Gene Keys and those of you who have come along on the journey with us. In the months since we began the first deep dive journeys many people have asked us questions regarding the numbers after the decimal point in their prime gift activation sequence. This along with many other questions that have been posed to us has initiated a creative Dance, which we are now offering to share with you.
We have designed four tele-classes with our GK community in mind.
This is a creative weaving of our life experiences as two seekers of truth,

Having lived, loved, danced, sang, travelled and meditated across the globe for many years. Including our journeys of the last seven years of committing to live the art and science of differentiation through Human Design and the various versions of Gene Keys, which includes the Venus Sequence, Dream Arc and The Pearl.

All of the above pales in the light of our growth through peer sharing. The last years of conversations with conscious friends, our intimate sharing with Werner in this particular field of endeavor, has further sensitized our awareness of the unique gifts that we all bring to our evolving field of consciousness.

Once the light of truth shines inside, it is magnified by being in the presence of other awakened souls.

In these hours together we will dive into greater depths of understanding of the roots and wings of your prime gifts. And explore the relevance and thus value of anchoring them in the specific and subtle energetics of your being. An integrated view that includes some key foundational aspects of Human Design whose ground provided the evolutionary inspiration for Gene Keys and Integral Human Design.

Each of the five types has a distinctive auric frequency and as such has particular life codes, which once embraced and acknowledged accelerate your potential for living a life of self-acceptance and commitment to your own authenticity.
An appreciation of the nine centres of your body graph in how energy moves through defined or undefined centres.

An introduction to hexagrams, the source of the number after the decimal point in your Gene Keys comes from the six-line structure of the hexagrams in the I Ching
Tanmayo Lawson
These six numbers have a quantum effect on your overall design and especially your prime gifts. To truly live and love at a depth of honesty and integrity that your true nature demands, is to first rest and relax into the unique ness of who you truly are. We are each; defined in great specificity. There are no generalizations in existence!

One tiny detail makes a huge difference to the quality of your life, of how you move and are received in the world. Living in such a homogenized environment as our current collective situation, dulls your senses to the subtlety and transformative power that one tiny detail can bring to your Life.

To build, live or work effectively in any organisation or community, to commit to healing collective wounds, you need a strong appreciation of your own and others distinct energetic orientation and a growing appreciation of and discernment of the unique resonance of your own gifts and those of others.

These 4 weeks of tele-classes are limited to 40 people. These are the forty charts that will inform our co-creative experience in these four weeks.

We start with the basic principles at the heart of your design and build into the specificity of uniqueness.

The fee for the live class is US$200; this gives an opportunity for interaction, feedback on homework and ability to ask questions.

Start Date 1
Thursdays on November 18, 25, December 2 and 9.
Time: Noon UK (1pm CET)
To book your place for the teleclass starting November 18. CLICK HERE

Start Date 2
Mondays on November 22, 29, December 6 and 13.
Time 16:30 Pacific Time.
To book your place for the teleclass starting November 22. CLICK HERE

Listen Only
US$175 if not available for group participation. Recordings will be sent weekly.
To book for the listen only option. CLICK HERE

Tanmayo Lawson

If you missed it, here is the recording of our information call from November the 9th.

for more information please feel free to contact us.

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