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Satori - (a glimpse of enlightenment).

Zen is not a believers world. It is not for the faithful ones; it is for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter into their pure existence without boundaries. But it brings a tremendous transformation. Hence, let me say that while others are involved in philosophies, Zen is involved in metamorphosis, in a transformation. It is authentic alchemy: it changes you from base metal into gold. But its language has to be understood, not with your reasoning and intellectual mind but with your loving heart. Or even just listening, not bothering whether it is true or not. And a moment comes suddenly that you see it, which has been eluding you your whole life. Suddenly, what Gautam Buddha called "eighty-four thousand doors" open.


Satori - 7 days or
 Awareness Intensive - 3 days

Are Zen Style Meditation Retreats using Koans as the tools to pierce through the veils of conditioned thinking into the pure light of being.
The Koans, such as, ‘Who am I’,

‘What is Freedom’, are Zen riddles that cannot be answered by the mind but can be directly experienced.

Tanmayo Lawson

Each and every being is constantly looking to be more of who they are, to be authentic, real, to live their pure potential. Yet to do so we have to turn our focus away from the outside world into the inner realms of being, to expose all the ways in which our thinking process prevents us from achieving that which we want most.

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