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Human Design

Human Design is a system that offers you a window into your unique-ness. It gives you tools of self-discovery, which assist you to live your true nature.
It uncovers a divine blueprint, which was imprinted at birth.

It is the science of differentiation exposing your highest qualities and grounding you in how to live them. It brings together the integral wisdom of ancient mystery teachings with modern scientific understandings.

Tanmayo Lawson

Accessing your profile information by using your birth data, date, time and place. We look at how your core cellular structure reaches full potential in the world.

Through understanding that we are pure spirit immersed in a body, we can look at the biological vehicle with clear eyes. Embedded in your cellular structure are two crystals that carry the information of your personality conditionings and your divine matrix. The merged nature of these crystals is how you experience life.

We realise that we are not the body, yet the body, holds all the keys, to guide us in this realm of embodiment. The strategy of your type bears great significance on how you are designed to live your genius in the world.
Tanmayo Lawson
Foundational Reading $260.

An introduction to your particular design and how it has practical application in your life.

Opening to discover the evolutionary wisdom held within the conscious and unconscious aspects of the chart.

This is Your reading and it can take any direction you want.

It is for newcomers or for old timers who want to review or anywhere in between .... 90 min

Living your Design $POA.

An in depth look at your design.

Type / strategy / authority / aura frequency / centres / channels and gates.

This is a personalised program which can be designed to cater for your individual requirements.

You can spend as much time as you need and explore and as far as you like.

Working in this way you will receive personal email support in between your sessions for any questions that arise from your personal exploration.

'"I love the world of Maya. I enjoy the illusion. The illusion is delicious, and all of us are always taking in the conditioning of this world of illusion through what is open in us.....the moment you live out what is your nature and learn to see what conditioning is, only here can you be wise. Only." - Ra Uru Hu


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