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Tanmayo Lawson
The Genekeys offer a hologenetic experience of your inner world through the codes in your DNA blueprint.

At a time when we are all seeking meaning to our lives.
Genekeys gives us the tools and understandings of our life work and higher purpose. The roots of the work can be traced back through Human Design, Kabbalah, Astrology and the I Ching. This is a grand meeting of East and West ,where the perennial wisdom of the ages is also being acknowledged and linked with DNA codons.   Dr. Martin Schönberger drew attention to the correlation between the 64 hexagrams and the nucleotide sequence and amino acid bases in the RNA/DNA molecule.  Since then this association has appeared a number of times, from different sources.  Tony Smith points out,  that the genetic code, the I Ching, and the D4-D5-E6 physics model are all just different representations of the same fundamental structure. Perhaps there cannot be any definitive agreement on these views as existence is an ever evolving multi-dimensional reality.  Sentient beings are all aspects of that evolutionary experience, shining with living light at the core whilst learning and growing from experience.

All that aside the science, beauty, poetry and living light  of the transmissions, held within this divine work of the Gene Keys are the revelations of Richard Rudd.
These genetic keys are the four prime pillars of your:
  • Life work,
  • Evolution, (Drives you to evolve)
  • Radiance (The light of your true essence)
  • Purpose.
The romance and mystery of the sacred visions of life pour out of the pages of the Genekeys book. Authored by Richard Rudd, a true English born bard, and nurtured into the world by those who have been touched by the transmission. Bringing new life to mystical teachings as they apply in our current age. Beyond beliefs, traditions and dogmas.
This is food for the human soul, an upliftment of spirit and a challenge to breakthrough into your highest wisdom.

It is my pleasure to have been immersed in this work for since 2004 since the transit of Venus.  Attending the first flow of the Venus Sequence with Richard in 2005. Venus is the heart of the Golden Path, shining her love and wisdom on all issues of relating and relationships.  

As we are surfing the turbulent waves of planetary change this new energy is influencing our lives on a daily basis. We see the seas of shifting sands that make up the material world. The Golden Path offers, profound, pragmatic, yet mystical wisdom. Wisdom that already exists written in the photonic light codes of your being.

Your personal profile brings you deep inside your own unique map of consciousness. Only you can explore its landscape and give it your full expression in the world. The Prime Gifts bring you to a place of core stability, that cannot be disturbed by the shifting conditions of the outer the world. A place of Freedom ,Passion and Purpose which is your Genetic Destiny. A place to find the comfort, freedom and security that is your genetic destiny.

Tanmayo Lawson 
'Freedom is a truly dimensionless word. As we begin this process of transcending our shadows, miracles can occur in our lives. As your awareness stretches, this spirit of freedom breaks down the barriers in your life.'
Richard Rudd


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