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Face Talk

Face talk is a tool for acceptance and understanding. A tool for relationships and self inquiry.

If I understand what my pre-disposition is under stress, then I have the capacity to make new choices and to recognise that the person in front of me has a different way of seeing the world, and their own pre-conditioned stress patterns. This understanding alone shifts the dynamic of any relationship, personal or professional.

Tanmayo Lawson

Your face holds a genetic blueprint that is unique to you. Every micro expression and muscle movement tells a story of your life experiences and your inner preferences. 
Understanding your own genetic blueprint and unconscious drivers, allows you to be more open in your communication, with a new ability to see how it differs from the styles of those around you.

With this knowledge you can move from superficial ‘shop talk’ to real conversation. Real conversation influences how we feel about the job, people and project. Great conversation moves us to participate in the higher vision not just pay lip service to it.

In personal relationships, understanding the different styles opens the door to acceptance, bridging gaps, so that our differing views of the world can enrich us and bring us closer together.
There are mystically in our faces certain characters which carry in them the motto of our souls, wherein he that cannot read A, B, C may read our natures.
~Sir Thomas Browne

I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful. ~Author Unknown”


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