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Facial Harmony Balancing
Radiance from the Inside Out

The four days of this introductory Facial Harmony Balancing class is a space of learning and reflection.  A time to sink inside, connect with your heart and listen to the inner wisdom whilst learning new skills.

We have been born into a time of great transition and transformation and the door to our liberation lies within our bodies, diving down beneath the defense patterns to reclaim our inner radiance.

Our bodies hold the keys to heal the wounds of separation, the gentleness of the Facial Harmony approach awakens the divine feminine through somatic witnessing and sensitive touch.
Tanmayo Lawson
The pain of living under a mask dissolves as disentangled mental-emotional patterns fade away.

The truth of our nature is to live according to our guidance, to live and move and breathe effortlessly in the world. Yet that guidance has been severely traumatised and replaced by concepts of 'who we think we should be', 'or need to be', to fit in, be acceptable and belong!  These programs of imposed societal beliefs squeeze us into masks which hide our light. 

Facial Harmony Balancing peels away the masks in an unwinding process that reveals your essence  connecting you once more to the depth and quality of your intuitive guidance. 

The very specific technique moves you into ever increasing depths of sensitivity whilst paradoxically restoring your capacities for resolve and resiliency. The added magick of these days is the freshness that arrives on your face as the stress disappears, leaving you relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Many of you will be choosing to use these skills in a professional capacity. To be a successful practitioner in today's market is to be authentic. Your inner life is what fuels your outer life. 
This four day intensive prepares you to offer skilled Facial Harmony Balancing sessions.

Tanmayo Lawson

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Tanmayo Lawson


Facial Harmony Balancing Training:

With: Tanmayo Lawson

Maroochydore Qld. 2015 : 
April 9th - 12th

Earlybird Price: $1320.00 until the 18th of March
Full price after 18th of March: $1550.00

Tanmayo Lawson

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