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Schedule 2018 - 2019:
To find out more about any of these classes please click here to contact us.

Monthly Online Class with Kayoko Sawamura - (Japanese Translation)
Heart of Love.

Start of 9 months  Gene Keys  Ambassador Initiation Program.
Co-Presenting with Richard Rudd and Elijah Parker.

Metaphysical Mastery… 10 weeks. - Brisbane - Australia
Co-presenter with Samyo Dalgarno and Vesna Pinter

20-22  Heart Connection.  Tokyo - Japan
23 Satori One day….Koan Practice ... Tokyo - Japan
24 Trainers update… Tokyo - Japan

One day class in Portland Or - USA
Human Design and communication Under stress.

18-20 Gene Keys Kinesiology - Kyoto - Japan
21 64 Ways of Love - Kyoto - Japan

Venus Sequence Byron Bay with Dan Regan

25-27  Heart Connection…Hong Kong
29/30  Sessions…Hong Kong
30  Evening the entanglement of Co-dependency

November - December
2 Human Design in Communication.
28 - Dec 1 Essential Facial Harmony Germany

6-9 Awareness Intensive  New Zealand

Japan Gene Keys Book Launch May.

Private online Transpersonal Consulting sessions with Tanmayo,
using Human Design and Genekeys maps as points for inner direction.
Additional Dates for 2018-19to be confirmed ... and will posted shortly.


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